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Bellingham Theatre Guild (Bellingham, Washington) has been chosen to present its production of The Harry and Sam Dialogues, by Karen Ellison, at Virtual AACTFest 2021, the National Community Theatre Festival, June 14 – 20, 2021 –

Virtual AACTFest 2021 will feature 12 community theatre productions from across the United States and the U.S. Military Services, which will be streamed during the week of the festival. The Harry and Sam Dialogues is scheduled to be broadcast Saturday, June 19, 5:20pm, Pacific Time.

On the surface, The Harry and Sam Dialogues appear to be philosophical discussions between two blue-collar types who are way out of their league, but their discussions are surprisingly lively. They use what they can from their own lives, like milk and Ding-Dongs, to make sense of what everything means. They discuss all the big questions: Is there life after death? How are men and women different? And, of course, if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? The Bellingham Theatre Guild production includes Jeff Braswell and Kevin Six. The Artistic production crew includes Director Les Campbell; Stage Manager Christy Ham; with technical direction/lighting design by Christy Ham; scenic and sound design by Les Campbell; properties and costumes by Les Campbell, Christy Ham, Jeff Braswell, Kevin Six; and set construction by Stan Snapp and Pete Tryon. The production team also consisted of the performance space provided by Keefe Healy and Bellingham High School, and the Bellingham Theatre Guild/AACTFest committee of Christy Ham, Jo Kaas, Dee Dee O’Connor, and Sean Walbeck.

Les Campbell, who directed Bellingham Theatre Guild’s production of The Harry and Sam Dialogues, said, “Every member of our team, from actors to set builders, has reveled in having the opportunity to do theater again. It’s been a brave new world, working under these unprecedented circumstances. But then to have our efforts recognized by AACT is beyond thrilling, and a true honor. We owe a debt to the Bellingham Theatre Guild’s AACTFest committee that spearheaded our participation, as well as our entire organization for its enthusiastic support.”

AACTFest is a celebration of theatre and a learning experience for those who take part. Each National Company production will receive an online adjudication from experienced and nationally known adjudicators. There comments on productions will be a learning experience for all participating company members and audience members.

Registration and performance tickets are available to all. More information is available at