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Happy Holidays!

When I think of the season, I think of all of you and want you to know how much we appreciate your kindness and support. We were stunned at the generosity of so many of you when we invited you to consider joining us as members last August. To our amazement, donations sufficient to cover five months of our “holding pattern” poured in. Thank you!

We continue to keep our eyes on the future! The cast and crew of THE SMELL OF THE KILL continue to meet (currently via Zoom) to run line rehearsals and keep their spirits up. We still plan to produce KILL shortly after we reach Phase 4. And a small group is working on another show to stage after KILL.

So, throughout the holidays please continue to stay safe for yourself, your family and friends, and look forward to better times next year. This too shall pass!

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to seeing you when we can once more stage shows at Bellingham Theatre Guild.

With warmest regards,
Lynn Valum Starcher, President

COVID-19 Message

As the Pandemic strengthens, we’re all pulling back in compliance with our Governor’s guidance. You know that live theater cannot return until Phase 4 and that milestone is further in the future. Despite this challenge, all of us here at Bellingham Theatre Guild continue to hold steady and prepare for the day we can greet you at our theater. Stay well and stay safe!

2019-2020 Bentley Awards

It is time to celebrate our 2019-2020 Season!

Sponsored by The Don Hale Team

The Don Hale Team